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In addition to the Training we provide we know it is the application of this learning in practice that is the key to ensuring its full value is realised. Thats why we also provide support on some of the practical aspects of developing business in the international marketplace.

The support we can provide includes :-

  • Helping a business develop its international trading strategy - This could be a Company looking to trade overseas for the first time through to an experienced exporter/importer looking to move into new markets and/or develop its supply chain or simply one that is looking to review what it is doing ; how it is structured and whether there are efficencies and improvements that can be achieved

  • Funding and Finance - In our experience businesses do not always appreciate the different cash flow challenges that international trade can through up. For others it is a lack of awareness of how funding requests might be structured to enable them to obtain the support they require. Understanding of Government backed schemes to help Exporters and how these might help increase credit capacity are also not always widely understood. Using our experience of building Trade Finance solutions including a number that involved the inclusion of Government backed schemes to help many businesses over many years obtain the funding they required to support their international opportunities we can sit down with a business to explore the art of the possible and if required support the application and discussed with the bank.

  • Risk Management - For many businesses understanding the additional risks they may be taking by trading overseas and ways in which these can be managed and mitigated is an important hurdle to cross in helping them feel confident they can realise the potential for their business in overseas matkets. We can help in this regard.

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