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With over 30 years experience of dealing with trading businesses including the last 13 specialising in Trade and Trade Finance  whilst working for a major High Street Bank in front line roles David Reader has developed an excellent understanding of the challenges and concerns Businesses face as they look to realize the potential for their products and/or services in international markets. David is now looking to use the experience and knowledge he has gained for the benefit of businesses of all sizes to ensure they have the tools and support  they need to confidently seek  international opportunities for growth whether that be as a first time international trader or a business seeking to develop new markets and/or overseas supply chain.

In Davids experience in recent years the international markets that are becoming increasingly attractive to UK Businesses are those in the growing economies of jurisdictions such as the Middle East ; India and the Far East. However businesses in these Territories typically expect to trade with Documentary forms of settlement eg  Letters of Credit ; Collections and in a number of the most attractive sectors where the UK may potentially win increased share of Export business eg Manufacturing , Bonding at various stages of a transaction can be the norm. Unfortunately for many UK Businesses who are unfamiliar with handling Trade Documentation and/or managing Bonding requirements this in itself can be a barrier to taking advantage of these opportunities

Identifying and managing the additional Risk that businesses face and how to manage these risks is another familiar concern that David came across in his years of dealing with businesses when the subject of trading internationally was raised. David developed a good understanding of these Risks and ways in which these might be managed to enable a business to become more comfortable in seeking international customers and/or building an overseas supply chain.


In addition David also understands that fulfilling transactions in Overseas markets may mean a UK Business having to agree to terms of trade which  stretch cash flow and therefore generate a need for increased Credit capacity ( including Bonding requirements ) outside what they believe would be available from traditional source of finance eg their Bank

DKR Trade Training and Support has therefore been established to help businesses who wish to realize the potential for their product and/or service in international markets but who know they would benefit from more training in better understanding Letters of Credit etc so they can be more confident in pursuing opportunities in overseas markets that demand use of these settlement mechanisms. The business will also provide training and support to those businesses looking to understand the risks they might need to consider when looking to trade internationally and possible strategies to manage these .


In addition for those businesses who are concerned as to how they might put together a credible borrowing proposition to ensure they have sufficient credit availability to support their international trading  aspirations  DKR Trade Training and Support can also help you understand "The Art of the Possible"

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